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Grayson Reed





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About Me

I am Grayson Reed, a Freelance Photographer and Videographer who specializes in people. I focus on Portraits, Concerts, Products and Travel.

I am from North Carolina but now work in Fort Collins, Colorado. I was a Ranger in the 75th Ranger Regiment where I found my passion for photography and video by filming my third combat deployment to Afghanistan.

I believe that what separates a professional from an amateur in media production is preparation and experience. Anyone can show up and shoot unlimited photos getting lucky with a few good ones. It’s the professionals who have the experience to prepare ahead that take strategic photos and finish successfully with multiple great photos every time they shoot.

I have shot museums, toured with bands and made documentaries. I travel often and have seen much of the world with my camera. I love a sense of adventure and rock climbing and snowboarding in my free time. I am always looking for people and places to shoot, it is what I plan to do for the rest of my time.

Let me tell your story and capture you at your best.

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